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   Why Baptists Are Not Protestants by Raul Enyedi 

    In Search Of The Universal Invisible Church by Milburn Cockrell

   A Critique of 'The Doctrinal Errors of Landmarkism' by Curtis Pugh

     Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia by L. P. Brockett, M. D.

    Did They Dip by John T. Christian

     Ecclesia - The Church by B. H. Carroll    

    My Church by J. B. Moody      

    Old Landmarkism: What Is It? by J. R. Graves

     Perpetuity Of The Church by Forest Keener    

    Predestination and Perseverence by P. H. Mell    

    Reprobation Asserted by John Bunyan  

    The Bible Doctrine of Election by C. D. Cole

    The Case For Independent Baptist Churches - Anthology

    The First Baptist by S. E. Anderson

    The Relation of Baptism to Salvation by J. R. Graves

    The Trail of Blood by J. M. Carroll

    Three Witnesses for The Baptists by Curtis Pugh

    The Waldenses Were Independent Baptists by Thomas Williamson

     What Is A New Testament Church by Curtis Pugh